Dealing with Difficult People: Effective Approaches for Working with Difficult Employees, Clients, and Team Members
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 – 9AM to 4PM
1002 Seymour Street (Yaletown), Vancouver

If you:
– spend excessive amounts of time addressing difficult situations and difficult people
– want to increase your efficiency, self-management ability, and effectiveness in these difficult situations?
– want to make progress with the people that most challenge you?

then this workshop is for you! Difficult individuals can take our time, energy and sleep and can leave us anxious and distracted. In this engaging and empowering skill-building workshop, psychotherapist Catherine Comuzzi and mediator Gordon White have combined their decades of experience working with challenging individuals and issues. They facilitate an informative, engaging, and fun 2-day workshop that will teach you how to be more powerful, relaxed, influential, and generally effective when you are interacting with difficult people, or when you have responsibility for managing difficult people problems.

In order to build your inner resources and ‘download’ new strategies and approaches into your toolbox, Gordon and Catherine will employ a variety of learning modalities including stories, audiovisual aids, interactive exercises, self-reflective time, step-by-step methods, readiness practices, demonstrations, and optional role-playing. This program is both outward looking at how to strategize and communicate more effectively, and inward looking towards recruiting stamina, resilience, and awareness.

Participants will learn:

How to recognize the difference between difficult situations and people
How to recognize severe problematic personalities
How to see the needs behind negative behavior
How to maintain focus and develop ease while in the midst of difficult people situations
How to set boundaries while maintaining compassion
How to prepare for a difficult conversation
How to ask powerful questions that promote reflection and flexibility
How to seek understanding, agreement, and follow through
How to benefit from the challenges and efforts to working effectively with difficult individuals

This workshop is offered by:
Catherine Comuzzi ED.D. Cg. Psych is a certified psychotherapist, educator and master coach. She has several graduate degrees and diplomas including a Doctor of Education in Counseling from the University of Toronto with Highest Distinction. Her career has centred around working with difficult clients in both the private and public sector. Catherine trains coaches for the Certified Coaches Federation, and she is an experienced and respected facilitator who has conducted numerous retreats and workshops for individuals and organizations in the United States, Europe, and throughout Canada.

Gordon White, MBA is a mediator, trainer, and coach who delivers team development programs and coaches leaders in organizations; he mediates harassment allegations, grievances, and interpersonal conflicts; and facilitates large group processes. Gordon trains for the Justice Institute of BC and teaches a graduate course in Conflict Analysis and Management at Royal Roads University. He maintains a perennial interest in the challenging individuals he encounters, and a continued respect for the transformative potential of the conflict experience.

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