(CODE PRO1) ISWB Certified Well-Being facilitator: Facilitate and coach your clients

Description: facilitate Well-Being and coach your clients as a “ISWB Certified Well-Being facilitator”. Leverage the power of “being”: Aware and Accepting; Meaningful and Motivated; Active and Attentive; Resilient and Respectful; Eating properly and Exercising. Use evidence-based intervion tools to facilitate your clients in achieving what matters for them, in ways which are consistent with their values and make the most of their strengths.

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* Starting May, 8th 2011
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Well-being course: Happiness course for 2011 Learning Objectives
The real learning objectives are the ones you commit to learn and put in practice. This is an overview of the ones which are likely to be shared among many students:
1. Understanding Well-Being facilitation
2. How to assess subjective well-being
3. How to coach your clients for well-being
4. How to appreciate values and leverage strengths for the benefit of all beings

Required Course Text
“A course in happiness, meaning, motivation, and well-being”, Frank Ra, 2010, ISBN 978-0-557-88429-2 available from http://www.amareway.org/a-course-in-happiness-book/


Week 1
Introduction to well-being facilitation and coaching

Week 2
Being Aware and Accepting

Week 3
Being Meaningful and Motivated

Week 4
Being Active and Attentive

Week 5
Being Resilient and Respectful

Week 6
Eating properly and Exercising

Week 7
Measuring well-being, Consciousness and Science of Happiness. Wrapping it up

Week 8
Questions and Answers